Autopsy reports confirm two ecstasy-related deaths after Sunset Music FestivalSunset

Autopsy reports confirm two ecstasy-related deaths after Sunset Music Festival

Autopsy results of the two deceased attendees of Tampa’s Sunset Music Festival indicate that ecstasy was the cause of death, according to the Hilsborough County Medical Examiner in a report released July 18. Alex Haynes, 22, of Melbourne and Katie Bermudez, 21, of Kissimmee passed away after attending the festival in May. 57 other attendees were hospitalized following the event as well.

In the wake of SMF’s casualties, Tampa mayor Bob Buckhorn publicly denounced the event’s return to the city. Buckhorn voiced his opposition the return of future EDM festivals to public property, citing his disdain for “a culture of this type of drug use.” Buckhorn went on to acknowledge, “You can’t necessarily assign blame, but clearly it is not an environment conducive to positive things happening. The Sports Authority, they need to look at whether that is an appropriate type of event for this community to host.”

The toxicology report found MDMA in the bloodstreams of both deceased attendees. Both causes of death were ruled to result from accidental drug overdoses.

Via: Tampa Bay Times

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