The Avalanches postpone European tour dates due to health concernsAvalanchesWildflower Twitter

The Avalanches postpone European tour dates due to health concerns

With the sudden announcement of an album and release of new single after a 16-year silence, the hype around The Avalanches had been as high as it was in 2000 when the Australian group took the world by storm with their debut Since I Left You. As such, the group has lined up numerous European appearances. As of July 17, however, the group has had to postpone the tour dates due to health concerns.

In a post on their Facebook page, the group revealed that bassist Tony Di Blasi is dealing with a medical condition that requires treatment in Australia and that his doctor has advised him not to travel abroad. The Avalanches were scheduled to play shows in Sweden, The Netherlands, and France. The group have also thanked fans for making their second LP, Wildflower, a success.


Photo Credit: @TheAvalanches/Twitter

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