Berlin techno museum to be built inside TresorTresor2

Berlin techno museum to be built inside Tresor

Berlin has been, and continues to be, a home base of sorts for forward thinking techno acts and their disciples. After the Wall fell, a flourishing music scene cropped up in the city’s disused and abandoned buildings — buildings that now play home to some of the most iconic clubs and labels.

One such building is the underground safe room converted club that Tresor has occupied since its reopening in 2007. Having already played a hand in establishing the legendary club and also label featuring releases from talent such as Juan Atkins and Jeff Mills, Tresor’s founder, Dimitri Hegemann, has set his sights on his next venture: a museum dedicated to techno.

After announcing initial plans this past year, Hegemann has now revealed that it will too come to fruition inside Tresor’s current building. While dubbed a museum purely for terminology’s sake, the project will act more as a ‘Living Archives of Techno’ serving to educate, enlighten, and immerse visitors into the widespread influence of techno.

The museum is a strategic move during a time when the Berlin economy is looking to capitalize on the influx of tourists flocking to the city in search of its artistic subculture.

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