Beloved Glastonbury designers Block9 to debut a new touring exhibitBlock9 NYCDownlow

Beloved Glastonbury designers Block9 to debut a new touring exhibit

Radical set and environment design duo Block9 have become famous for their Genosys venue, established at Glastonbury Festival in 2013. From there, they’ve expanded to London and New York City, with the Underground Tower and Downlow, respectively. Not content to rest solely on the success they’ve experienced thus far, the group is now planning a massive new exhibit.

So far unnamed, the new structure is said to “mash” the three previous venues together into an entirely new beast. Block9 founder Stephen Gallagher has further promised that the new exhibit will be “the motherfucker of all experiences.”

While no debut date is known, Gallagher said that they are trying to launch on either London’s Southbank or the Royal Docks. The exhibit will also be mobile in nature, a “brand new, stand-alone structure that can arrive in a city centre location,” with Berlin so far confirmed as another stop on the exhibit’s prospective tour.


Photo Credit: block9/Instagram

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