DA Premiere: Dada Life – Yellow Is The Color Of Happiness (Original Mix)2016 New Combined

DA Premiere: Dada Life – Yellow Is The Color Of Happiness (Original Mix)

Peel the bananas and chill the champagne: Dada Life are releasing their first track of the summer. The impish duo of Stefan Engblom and Olle Cornéer have always taken a “no frills, just fun” approach to their revelrous releases together (as opposed to the darker, more subdued music that pervades Cornéer’s Night Gestalt side project). Since the release of their 2012 album The Rules Of Dada, Stefan and Olle have generally taken a pop-infused route to realize this mission statement.

With “Yellow Is The Color Of Happiness,” however, Dada Life return to their roots. While the song’s title reflects the duo’s bananas and champagne iconography, its style reflects the music of their early discography. With bright synths, simple melodies, and energetic bass, Dada Life’s newest instrumental is straightforward party music that recalls the essence of the group’s early hits such as “White Noise/Red Meat” and “Unleash The Fucking Dada.” Fundamentally, the Swedish carousers will make whatever type of music they feel like producing, regardless of listeners’ reactions, but Dada Life purists can rejoice that their newest release may indicate that their created compass is pointed in the direction of their seminal sound.

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