DA Premiere: Simina Grigoriu – Ninja Princess (Klangkarussell Remix)Ninja Princess Klangkarussell Remi

DA Premiere: Simina Grigoriu – Ninja Princess (Klangkarussell Remix)

Simina Grigoriu recently reached a new milestone in her career, announcing the launch of her own Kuukou imprint in June of 2016. She aptly named her first release on it Techno Monkey after the nickname she created for her followers, presenting a two-track body of work with distinct sonic flavors. The title track and A-side is as frantic as the name implies, hitting listeners hard with pulsating bass and subtle industrial accents.

Klangkarussell were one of four producers selected to provide their take on the EP, transforming the B-side “Ninja Princess” into a new work entirely their own. The Austrian duo present a more energized version of the track, fusing its underlying vocal samples into a percussive base and adding in an electro-leaning topline to bring “Ninja Princess” back to a contemporary style. They maintain the overall fluidity of the track in their own way, making it a versatile piece for any set this summer.

Techno Monkey and its accompanying remixes will be released on July 8.

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