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Dancing Astronaut Presents 5 Under 5k: Vol. 6

5 Under 5k is a feature on Dancing Astronaut dedicated to spotlighting talented upcoming and undiscovered artists who we believe deserve more exposure. Each edition of 5 Under 5k will highlight five artists from a wide variety of genres with under 5,000 followers on SoundCloud (at the time of writing).

A detailed listen through the past productions of live electronic duo Traveler provides a concrete view of the journey the pair have been on to reach their current sound. Although it seems they have always had a predilection for funk, their fervor for the genre has slowly been increasing, right alongside their level of production.

Their remix of “Do It,” by Tuxedo boasts stellar production quality and is likely their funkiest creation to date. The track has everything a good funk house track needs: short, punctuated retro-sounding synth melodies, repeating vocal harmonies, and guitar plucks, all sitting firmly on top of a syncopated bassline meant to keep the listener’s body moving.

The rhythmic realm of Painterly might be a bit of a shock at first, but soon ,the simplistic jungle vibes take over and the rest is history. A RÜFÜS DU SOL-esque style can be heard in many of Painterly’s tracks, with authentic-sounding percussion centered around a consistent, somewhat relaxed house beat, albeit without the vocals.

By far the artist with the smallest following to be featured on 5 Under 5k (at just 69 followers at present time), Painterly’s latest track “Gutbust” was too great to pass up. Down the road of minimal tech house, Painterly charts cleverly created atmospheres and intriguing sound design. Progressing slightly throughout, but staying close to a central theme, this is yet another diamond in the rough that deserves to be heard by a wider audience.

Sam Setton released his debut track not even two weeks ago, but there is already great reason to be optimistic about his future. A modern-day singer/songwriter, Setton combines great song structure and soulful lyrics with aspects of indie electronica and chillwave for a unique and full sound that goes well with the coming summer weather.

The debut track in question, “Berlin,” is a great listen from start to finish. It provides an emotional overtone but keeps an upbeat rhythm with creatively integrated sounds and even some crunchy bass design in the instrumental parts. The differing aspects make this track appealing to a pretty wide range of listeners, and Setton manages to pull all of them together into a cohesive first statement.

With the oldest track on his SoundCloud going back to three months ago, Sean Turk also seems to have great things in the future for him. A distinctly future bass style is present in all of his productions thus far and it’s easy to see that his sound will continue to develop at an incredibly quick rate.

Continuing with the modern singer/songwriter theme, Turk takes it a step further into the electronic world with with his remix of Stephen’s song “Crossfire.” Stephen’s heartfelt, almost eery vocals join with deep, reverberating sound design to create powerful dark undertones. The drop, although not as dark, showcases Turk’s developing style with a robust, sweeping wall of sound that doesn’t over-complicate or drown out anything else in the track.

AMIDY has an interesting style of breakbeat. While many of the producer’s selections fall purely into the trap genre, AMIDY manages to create a signature style by melding classic trap traits with intriguingly unique rhythms and synthesis that set him apart from other producers of his ilk.

AMIDY’s new track, “Don’t Hold Me Down,” impressively marks the producer’s first foray into melodic dubstep. The track retains a deep, cinematic feel throughout its course, which fuses perfectly with the mystique of vocalist Kristin to make for what could easily be the soundtrack to a fantasy movie or video game. Slow moving textures give way to forceful bass, wide synths, and minimal, yet extremely effective percussion and drum breaks which are somewhat reminiscent of the classic Seven Lions sound.

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