DA’s Sunday Morning Medicine: Volume 142Smm No Week1

DA’s Sunday Morning Medicine: Volume 142

Sunday Morning Medicine is a feature from Dancing Astronaut dedicated to the mellower side of electronic music. We bring you our favorite therapeutic selections — old and new — in an attempt to alleviate the agonizing effects of a long weekend of partying.

1. Vol. 142 kicks off with a lively track from The Netherland’s own Bakermat. True to his style, the track features numerous live instruments — of particular note are the guitar leads — and vocals courtesy of Alex Clare. It’s energetic without being overwhelming, an excellent kick-start to a summer Sunday.

2. In a similar vein, native New Jerseyan Flamingosis makes his return to Sunday Morning Medicine with “All Natural.” Featuring Tom Ribbons, the track hews closer to disco than Bakermat’s house stylings, the track harnesses an inherently pushing, though not shoving, energy to propel it. The samplesmith makes good work of a bubbly piano line to roll off the edges and maintain a succulent smoothness throughout.

3. Rounding around the halfway mark is Krs’s dancehall remix of singer Tobi Lou’s “Game Ova.” With a similar sound to Drake, Krs displays confident restraint in the production, relying on a simple electric piano patch, sometimes chopped for effect, and some subdued sample work to set the stage. Lou’s effortless delivery and Krs’s pleasant production begat a breezy, unassuming, and groovy rework.

4. Vol. 142’s penultimate slot features another disco track, this time from New York City producer Wingtip. Featuring infectious vocal samples, the track hangs just at the bottom of disco’s tempo range, providing a gently pulling energy. The producer also puts an interesting spin on the genre, featuring the standard bass pops and slaps with buzzing and morphing synths, giving the track an inherently, undeniable modern vibe.

5. Ending this week’s dose, with a significant change of pace, is Helios remixing Synkro’s “Midnight Sun.” An ambient track through and through, it hints at being ominous while holding back in a more contemplative stance. Far from a lullaby, the track still maintains a calming effect, with a pleasant pulsing and subtly soothing synth lines that play out as the track builds to atmospheric ending.

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