Seattle’s Decibel Festival will not return this yearDecibel BG

Seattle’s Decibel Festival will not return this year

Sean Patrick Horton, founder of Washington’s Decibel Festival, has announced that the annual electronic music festival will not return in 2016. Citing reasons such as distance and his new career with Red Bull based in Los Angeles, the festival will be “taking an extended break.”

“Considering the new career path and distance from Seattle, it is with a heavy heart that I am announcing that after 11 straight annual editions, Decibel will be taking an extended break,” he wrote in a press release. “Know that Decibel as an organization will continue and this is temporary and much needed break.”

In lieu of Decibel Festival, Sean asks supporters to consider attending the first-ever Chance of Rain Festival, which will take place September 28-October 2. The electronic music fest will be crafted by former Decibel staff members and, hopefully, maintain the energy and feel of its predecessor.

Read Horton’s full statement here.

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