DOC:HOOK – Jackin Dogs (Brillstein Edit)LABEL MATES 01

DOC:HOOK – Jackin Dogs (Brillstein Edit)

Play It Down consistently boasts the kind of¬†gritty club cuts found few other places within the digital market right now. Case in point, the label’s inaugural Label Mates album offering, which welcomes a handful of exclusive cuts from Brillstien, bringing serious thunder to an already triumphant celebration of the label’s 15-year history¬†of warped house activity.

Brillstien’s edit of DOC:HOOK’s “Jackin Dogs” oozes the muted melodic flow and groove induced state of bliss that Jesse Rose and his band of dedicated tune smiths have hallmarked since the label’s inception. This one isn’t for the more tamed electronic dance palates, but that’s exactly why Play It Down will probably still be releasing this caliber of club records for at least another 15 years.

Release Date: July 29

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