Dreamstate to break new ground in AustraliaDreamstate AU

Dreamstate to break new ground in Australia

Dreamstate’s unveiling happened just a year ago, and the Insomniac-led brand has already experienced unprecedented growth. Its mission was to become a “trance destination,” catering to fans with events stacked with high caliber artists who, for the most part, are only relatively unknown by the mainstream.

The brand’s niche in the dance world was officially sealed when Insomniac began using its name as a separate designation at festivals and on trance-related events throughout the United States. It wasn’t until the introduction of Dreamstate’s two flagship festivals in California, though, that they were met with widespread approval from American trance fans who were elated that their favorite DJs were becoming more accessible. Soon after, a New York festival was announced.

The brand has since revealed it will now be expanding internationally, touching down in Melbourne, Australia for a one-day festival on October 1. The move doubles as Insomniac’s first foray into the island continent, following rumors posted in 2015 that a copyright battle could potentially be blocking EDC’s entry. A lineup has yet to be announced.

Dreamstate to break new ground in AustraliaDreamstate AU

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