Eric Prydz drops suspected new Pryda track in BarcelonaPalladium19 065

Eric Prydz drops suspected new Pryda track in Barcelona

The hunger for new material from Eric Prydz is insatiable. Despite releasing an entire album in February — not to mention a blistering Cirez D EP in May — fans are still clamoring for new tracks from the Swedish legend. Ultimately, it’s a testament to the quality of his work and the dedication of his fan base.

Fortunately for Prydz fans, Eric has been road-testing some new material at his recent shows. While EDC Las Vegas brought along a euphoric new finale track, his performance from Opium in Barcelona last week featured another tantalizing unreleased original. With its multi-layered arpeggio and triumphant progression, the track bears many of the classic hallmarks of the Pryda sound, leading many to believe it be a new composition under Prydz’s progressive house moniker.

In typical Prydz fashion, his fanbase has already named the track after where it was heard first, in this case, “Opium ID1.”

Via: r/ericprydz on Reddit

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