FTampa releases 'Strike It Up' remix package ahead of history-making Tomorrowland performance

FTampa releases ‘Strike It Up’ remix package ahead of history-making Tomorrowland performance

When it comes to creating mayhem on the mainstage, few do it better than Brazil’s own FTampa. His latest blistering effort, “Strike It Up,” has catapulted the talented producer to all new heights. This weekend he will become the first Brazilian artist to ever grace the Main Stage at Tomorrowland, an honor earned by his effortless ability to draw an unbelievable amount of energy out of the crowd. Ahead of this milestone achievement, he has released a finely curated remix package for “Strike It Up.” Clocking in at six stunning re-imaginations, the package hits on all electronic touch points. From chill trap to bustling garage, no stone has been left unTURNT.

Our favorite from the lot is rrotik’s remix that turns the main stage original into a UK garage haunt that moves along with straight muscle.


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Ftampa Tomorrowland Takeover