Listen to Zedd’s new collaboration with Hailee Steinfeld and GreyZedd 2015

Listen to Zedd’s new collaboration with Hailee Steinfeld and Grey

With a career that has taken him from electro house to the top of the pop charts, Zedd has proven his production skills as well as his ear for catchy melodies. Those disparate skills have also served the German producer well in identifying up-and-coming talent, notably the production duo Grey. While their upcoming collaboration harkens back to Zedd’s earlier days, the artists have also come together in a more pop-friendly fashion to produce a new track for singer Hailee Steinfeld titled “Starving.”

Steinfeld, who actually broke into the public’s consciousness with her role in the 2010 film True Grit, affects an effortless delivery over a guitar heavy production. The track skews away from electronic music during Steinfeld’s verses and chorus, saving the wavy synthesizers and chopped vocal samples for the drop. Given Zedd’s golden touch, it wouldn’t be a surprise to see “Starving” climb the charts with vigor.

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