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Hippie Sabotage’s performance at Low End Theory Festival cancelled

In June, the fraternal production duo Hippie Sabotage made headlines after their performance at What the Festival came to a controversial conclusion. When issues with the sound equipment arose, the two brothers aggressively called for support from the audience, inciting the crowd. Festival security stepped in to cut the set short only after a half hour, at which point the brothers assaulted the intervening guards.

Days after the scuffle, a petition was started to ban Hippie Sabotage from being booked for performances. Following the incident, the duo’s performance at Low End Theory Festival has been cancelled for undisclosed reasons, as confirmed in a tweet by the Los Angeles-based collective.

While Hippie Sabotage will not be performing at Low End Theory Festival on July 23, the duo currently remain on the bills for other festivals, such as Pemberton and Billboard Hot 100.

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