James Murphy’s ‘Subway Symphony’ comes to life beneath Manhattan’s Lower East Side4L6B3939

James Murphy’s ‘Subway Symphony’ comes to life beneath Manhattan’s Lower East Side

Manhattan’s Lower East Side is the site of an intriguing new urban development project known as The Lowline Lab. The Lowline, while still under construction, intends to repurpose the abandoned Essex Street Market into the world’s first flourishing underground park. The park’s artistic and architectural features are already on display to the public, with the newest installment to the Lowline honing in one one of the most integral elements to life in The City: the subway. In a newly released promotional feature, LCD Soundsystem‘s ever-talented Nancy Whang introduces her bandmate James Murphy’s “Subway Symphony” as the latest addition to the Lowline project.

Initially intended for New York’s subway system, the LCD frontman’s musical turnstiles have now found a fitting home at the Lowline. With her signature degree of aplomb, Whang describes a “sonic redesign” to counter the perfunctory transit tones that have become engrained in New Yorkers’ underground experiences. Murphy’s long-standing concept now comes to life, making the mundane musical with smart subtlety.

The Petter Ringbom-directed short showcases the park’s existing attractions and sets expectations for how the project will manifest upon completion.

Via: Pitchfork.

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