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Kaskade shares befuddling new original ‘Jorts FTW’

With a career as influential and extensive as Kaskade’s, evading the plague of stagnancy by offering stylistically diverse releases is of the utmost importance in order to remain not only relevant, but also respected. Artistic evolution is essential to creative growth, and often, an artist must depart from his or her most beloved sonic features in order to continue innovating.

To refer to Kaskade’s newest preview as a “departure” from his signature melodic style would not be inaccurate, but it certainly is an insufficient descriptor. It’s difficult to discern what role Kaskade’s forthcoming release plays in the artist’s oeuvre, but it seems as if something peculiar is afoot within the psyche of Ryan Raddon. Entitled “Jorts FTW,” Kaskade’s collaboration with self-described ‘brass house’ outfit TOO MANY ZOOZ is brazenly bizarre. Centered around discordant horns and Wiwek-esque percussion,”Jorts FTW” is as bold as it is noisy.

It’s unclear how or why Kaskade came to conceive “Jorts FTW.” The producer has historically been vocal about social causes, so perhaps he is using his star status as a platform to publicly profess his passion for jean shorts — a garment that is indeed underrepresented in today’s media.

Regardless of its inspiration, “Jorts FTW” will be released July 15. Whether or not Kaskade will espouse cargo shorts with a drumstep track in the future is, at this point, still unknown.


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