Låpsley – Operator (DJ Koze’s Extended Disco Version)DJ Koze Press

Låpsley – Operator (DJ Koze’s Extended Disco Version)

DJ Koze, while being a label head and producer of music in his own right, also happens to be known for crafting some of the past few year’s most magnificent and understated remixes. A few that instantly come to mind are his breathtaking extenuation of Roman Flügel’s “9 Years” and the haunting masterpiece that is his take on Mount Kimbie’s “Made to Stray.”

A true believer in maintaining the integrity of an artist’s work in its original form, he chooses to subtly enhance tracks, lengthening them quite a bit to allow for their nuances to fully develop and unfurl. It has become common fashion then for Koze’s remixes to air on the side of simplicity.

The most recent piece of work to come from DJ Koze is a soaring extended disco version of Låpsley’s “Operator,” which fully embodies his fastidious process. Deviating only slightly from the progression of the original, DJ Koze sends the track back to the early days of the discotheque and infuses it with a healthy undulating groove.

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