Luca Lush flips Skrillex’s classic remix of Benny Benassi’s ‘Cinema’Skrille Cinema Luca Lush Remi Artwork

Luca Lush flips Skrillex’s classic remix of Benny Benassi’s ‘Cinema’

Skrillex’s seminal, Grammy Award-winning remix of Benny Benassi and Gary Go’s “Cinema” will be canonized as one of the most iconic dance tracks ever. It helped put the burgeoning American dance scene on the global map, with Skrillex sitting atop the bass music throne.

The remix still stands as an iconic piece of work and has largely remained untouched — that is, until Brooklyn-based producer Luca Lush saw it fit to step up to the challenge and update “Cinema” with a fresh new rework.

Introducing the piece with fluttering piano arrangement and sharp percussion, Lush stays close to the original’s most critical elements. Gary Go’s inimitable vocals and Skrillex’s unforgettably nostalgic build are halted, however, by Lush’s stomping horns, rolling kicks and pitched-up synth work. Keeping the tune’s familiar hook and interludes, Luca Lush boldly does away with the rest, offering his own take on a nearly-untouchable classic as a free download.

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