The Minimoog Model D is officially backMoog Minimoogd Lg

The Minimoog Model D is officially back

Vintage synth mania continues on its rolling boil, fueled by recent releases on the theme from big names like Disclosure and Aphex Twin. Thanks to the buzz, Moog announced earlier this year that the iconic Minimoog Model D would be making its way back to market after more than a 30 year production hiatus.

Following a “pilot production run” which garnered serious interest at this year’s Moogfest, the synth will now be entered back into full production for the first time since 1981.

Billed as the first “portable” synth, the Model D became the archetype for all electronic keyboards to follow upon its 1970 release. The machine’s legendary sound and triple oscillator interface largely defined the releases of the following decade and has become a rare and highly sought after addition to any serious collection. Though no changes have been made to the original sound engine or audio signal flow, the iconic machine has been updated to integrate with modern production techniques, including built in MIDI functionality.

Moog has also released the second part in their “A Brief History of the Minimoog” series which documents the iconic synth’s explosive popularity as gritty, droning post punk evolved into synth-driven expression. The video tracks the Minimoog’s popularity with pioneers across all genres from Michael Jackson to Devo, Dr. Dre, Gary Numan, and many more.

Though vintage Model D’s can run collectors upwards of $9,000, the new editions are currently available for purchase via Moog’s website for $3,749.

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