Moscow’s Outline Festival canceled due to unsafe conditionsOutline Outside 1

Moscow’s Outline Festival canceled due to unsafe conditions

Moscow’s annual music and arts festival, Outline Festival, was forced to shut down by Russian authorities Saturday afternoon before even opening its doors to the public.

Citing reasons “beyond the control of the organizers,” Outline assured ticket holders via Facebook that they would be refunded. The event was allegedly unsafe for entry and failed to obtain the appropriate permits for run of show, though the festival denies these claims.

Magda, one of the many artists scheduled to perform at Outline, spoke out against the festival’s closure in an effort to provide an alternative side of the story: “This afternoon government officials entered the Outline grounds unannounced and prevented the organizers and workers from setting up the festival’s stages, installations and infrastructure—despite the fact that Outline applied for and received all permits and licenses necessary to throw the event in a legally appropriate amount of time. Due to these unfortunate circumstances beyond our control, the festival was forced to close and was prohibited from moving to other venues in the city.”

Read Magda’s full statement below.

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