Mr. Carmack spontaneously uploaded 54 tracks to SoundCloudMrcarmack

Mr. Carmack spontaneously uploaded 54 tracks to SoundCloud

Much of Mr. Carmack’s cult-like following derives from his eccentricity. The Hawaiian musician, who boasts an extensive catalogue of left-field bass music, has a tendency to upload numerous tracks to his SoundCloud for brief spurts of time before they disappear indefinitely.

The last development of this nature occurred with his 34-track Yellow EP, a body of work as diverse as it was heavy. He’s since resurrected the EP, along with 20 additional past works as part of his latest uploading spree. Bass heads from all ends of the spectrum can find comfort knowing there’s quite literally something for anyone within the sea of 54 tracks, from hip-hop, to dream trap, and even into 4/4 territory with various house pieces.

Mr. Carmack has kept himself busy as his popularity increases, pairing festival appearances with a world tour in addition to launching his own clothing line Sakura. His new SoundCloud uploads available as free downloads.

We’ve included some of our favorites below. Check out all the tracks here.

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