MSTRKRFT share video for new single ‘Runaway’MSTRKRFT Runaway

MSTRKRFT share video for new single ‘Runaway’

MSTRKRFT are gearing up for the release of their first album in seven years, Operator. Following previous singles “Little Red Hen” and “Party Line,” the Canadian pair have unveiled “Runaway,” complete with a full music video.

The song channels the group’s electro roots, albeit blended with more pop-affability than the thrashing, distorted aesthetic of previous offerings. With a vocal contribution from Jonathan Bates of Big Black Delta, it’s an altogether catchy assemblage. The accompanying video follows a lone dancer through empty streets and convenient stores at night, painting a dark, yet alluring portrait of the song’s message.

AL-P of MSTRKRFT said of the song:

“…we were looking for something that flirted with pop sensibilities, but was still a-typical. We were impressed with the processing and vocal synthesizing that Jonathan Bates of Big Black Delta used, and thought that something in that style would work well with the song. Jonathan gave us a vocal constructed of idea fragments similar to something Bowie would write, along with an abstract arrangement that allowed ‘Runaway’ to exist as both a pop song and an art piece.”

MSTRKRFT’s Operator is due out on July 22 on Last Gang Records.


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