NVIDIA and deadmau5 collaborate on live streaming projectDeadmau5 Governors Ball 2015 Dancing Astronaut Andrew Spada 26

NVIDIA and deadmau5 collaborate on live streaming project

NVIDIA and deadmau5 first built a rapport due to their involvement in the video game world. Having launched a PC design initiative to showcase their technology’s range and to expand their reach across all computer-related creative mediums, the company has selected the Canadian electronic prodigy as their latest collaborator. Part 1 of deadmau5 Project has officially aired, offering viewers a behind-the-scenes glimpse into how their creative minds came together.

The project’s purpose was to create a groundbreaking way for deadmau5 to live stream to his fans. The pair achieve this goal in creating a five-computer system with various functions, but with a twist. Recognizing his love and knowledge for cars, NVIDIA designers integrated his five most iconic vehicles into each PC design while pairing their functionality with the “personality” of each.

Another Easter egg followers called attention to in the video was its background track, a new ID formerly entitled “NVIDIA” but since renamed to “In Videos.” Two more episodes will follow the debut episode of deadmau5 Project as it continues to reach fruition.

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