Skrillex and Rick Ross’s ‘Purple Lamborghini’ is hereSkrille Rick Ross

Skrillex and Rick Ross’s ‘Purple Lamborghini’ is here

Skrillex and Rick Ross’ long-awaited, feverishly-anticipated Suicide Squad accompaniment “Purple Lamborghini” is finally here, and the superstar producer/rapper combo pull out all the stops for their marquee collaboration. Ross’s infamous Miami trap lyrics flow over a tenacious Skrillex beat, coming together as one of the most highly anticipated collaborations of the year.

Ross spares no mercy on his Skrillex feature, becoming the latest rapper to land in Skrill’s ever-diversifying catalog. With Vic Mensa, M.I.A., and even Optimus Prime hopping on Skrillex beats, and now Ross on “Purple Lamborghini,” Sonny Moore has officially become one of the hottest rap producers in the game.

Ultimately, “Purple Lamborghini” will go down as one of the most enticing electronic hip-hop crossover tracks of the decade. The full Suicide Squad soundtrack and film will be released on August 5.

Watch a preview of the official music video here:

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