Watch the trailer for the new Netflix-backed Steve Aoki documentarySteve Aoki

Watch the trailer for the new Netflix-backed Steve Aoki documentary

Steve Aoki is one of dance music’s most polarizing figures. Often dismissed for appearing to value partying over production, the Dim Mak label-head does seem to make at least as many headlines for his cake-throwing antics as he does for his compositions. Furthermore, Steve’s inheritance from his father, the late Rocky Aoki, is widely recognized as an advantage in spearheading his career in such a way that automatically evokes some sense of indignation among the electronic community — the same type of indignation that automatically arises when most people think of “trust fund kids.”

Regardless of Steve Aoki’s public perception, he is undeniably one of America’s most commercially successful DJs, and is objectively an influential figure. Aoki’s reach is far enough that Netflix has announced a documentary, entitled Steve Aoki: I’ll Sleep When I’m Dead, to be released as a Netflix Original on August 19. The documentary’s preview, embedded above, shows interviews with Diplo, Travis Barker, and Aoki himself. The documentary is framed as an introspective look at Aoki’s path to success, and appears to delve into the ulterior side of being the Benihana heir, in an effort to show how Aoki channeled the rigid business practices of his wrestler and restaurateur father as a catalyst to his success.

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