Sydney’s infamous lockouts may be pushed back to 3 amRally Sydney Lockout Laws

Sydney’s infamous lockouts may be pushed back to 3 am

New South Wales Deputy Premier Troy Grant says that he will support Sydney’s controversial 1:30am lockout laws being pushed back to 3am if their official review recommends it.

Grant, the state deputy leader under Premier Mike Baird, told The Daily Telegraph that according to evidence, the time of last call for drinks was what affected violence and crime, rather than the lockout times. Former High Court judge Ian Callinan is leading the review into the much-contested lockout laws, which will be used to make recommendations for the government next month.

“If Callinan recommends pushing the lockouts back, I think it’s something we absolutely should do. If you’re trying to control the quantity of alcohol people consume … last drinks is most effective,” Mr. Grant commented. Speaking about a statewide-ban on the sale of takeaway alcohol after 10 pm, he continued it was “hard to see where the justification was for the 10pm bottle shop closures in the first place.”

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