Tycho releases mini-documentary along with new track, ‘Division’Tycho Divisions

Tycho releases mini-documentary along with new track, ‘Division’

Scott Hansen consistently pushes musical boundaries through his Tycho project, combining complex rhythms and classic instrumentation with delectable electronic accents. He released his fourth LP Awake in 2014, whose refreshing blend of relaxing tones and ethereal guitar and synth melodies led to he and his band embarking on a 200-stop world tour to satiate a newfound hunger among international electronic fans for live performance.

Settling down after an immensely busy schedule, they’ve released a short film documenting their travels. Closing The Awake Chapter plays upon emotion, leaving out conversation among band members to instead portray their raw passion for their craft as the film culminates with a live performance for an enthused crowd at the historic Fox Theater in Oakland, California.

Tycho has also released “Division” along with the mini-documentary, his first original production since Awake. Refusing to maintain the status quo of electronic music, the classic 4/4 time signature is replaced with enthralling rhythms at 7/8 which serve as an intriguing background to airy strings in the background and celestial synth progressions tinged with nostalgia. This is the eclectic quality we’ve come to expect from Tycho, and ultimately leaves us excited to see what the band has in store as they settle back into the studio to compose new music.

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