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Martin Garrix discusses new music and collaborating with Pharrell [Video]

Amidst his his international touring schedule, Dutch wunderkind Martin Garrix took a break to sit down with Obsev and discuss his recent release, “Lions in the Wild,” and his forthcoming artist album.

Garrix opened up about his musical upbringing and the Tiësto performance that inspired him to start producing. A self professed “computer nerd,” Garrix reveals he spent time trying to recreate the sounds of his idols before finding his own sound. The young producer, in turn, advises bedroom producers not to shy away from eschewing the mainstream.

“There’s so [many] producers and DJs nowadays,” says Garrix. “So, my biggest advice is to do something unique and find something that makes you stand out.” Garrix goes on to say that while he’s reached out to his dream collaborator Pharrell, whom he “loves,” nothing has come of it yet. “Maybe one day,” he muses.

Garrix concludes the interview by providing some insight into his forthcoming album:

“You can expect a lot of different types of sounds on it… There’s some weird 118 bpm shit on it, there’s some weird trap on it. I’ve made some weird hip hop stuff.”

This album will be Garrix’s debut LP, and is presumed to be released near the end of this year.


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