Weekend Rewind: Pretty Lights premieres ‘I Know The Truth’ 5 years ago at BonnarooIMG 1486 Z2

Weekend Rewind: Pretty Lights premieres ‘I Know The Truth’ 5 years ago at Bonnaroo

Derek Vincent Smith is a perennially evolving artist, whose legacy as a performer has seen many spellbinding phases. From his early stages performing with drummers Corey Eberhardt and Adam Deitch, to his solo tours, to his addition of a live band for his “Analog Future” tour in 2013, there have been two major consistencies among Pretty Lights‘ career. Firstly, contributions from Smith’s visual designer, Greg Ellis, have always helped the artist live up to his lofty name.  Secondly, across all phases of his career, Pretty Lights complex glitch hop compositions have enraptured fans both within and outside of his legendary performances.

Perhaps more so than any prior production, “I Know the Truth,” Smith’s 2011 foray into dubstep, helped catapult Pretty Lights into the public eye. Characterized by ominous piano, forlorn vocals, and eruptive bass, “I Know the Truth” served as Pretty Lights’ de facto opening overture through the run of his “Towers” phase of 2011-2012 performances. Five years after its release, “I Know the Truth” still captivates audiences to the point that Smith consistently uses the track as a finale, or even encore piece.

In the wake of this year’s Bonnaroo festival, and on the cusp of Pretty Lights’ forthcoming ‘Episodic Festival’ tour – which will commence August 5 in Gilford, New Hampshire – it’s riveting to take a moment to reflect on where one of the most significant portions of Pretty Lights’ dynasty began. Smith’s premiere of “I Know the Truth” at 2011’s Bonnaroo festival remains one of the most pivotal moments in Pretty Lights’ storied career. Luckily, thanks to Smith and videographers RadioEditAV, we have the luxury of viewing it in high definition for all of eternity.


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