Zhu shares new album single ‘Palm of My Hand’Zhu PalmofMyHand

Zhu shares new album single ‘Palm of My Hand’

With the release of Zhu’s debut album GENERATIONWHY quickly approaching, the hype around the “Faded” producer is reaching a fever pitch. Previous collaborations with Kaskade on “In The Morning,” and Skrillex on “Working For It” — which also will be featured on his album — have served to set the stage for what will surely be a diverse debut. The enigmatic producer has now released another new track from GENERATIONWHY, “Palm of My Hand.”

From the get-go, the track evokes a retro, ’80s vibe. Police sirens quickly give way to rounded off, gently pulsing synths, providing a foundation for an extended guitar solo. The track eventually transitions into a house beat, while maintaining a melancholic, contemplative nature. The layered production, featuring more guitar, strings, piano, electronic horns, and a chunky bass, is accompanied by a breathy vocal repeating the track’s title as a hook. Given the track’s length — it comes in at just over six minutes — the track has plenty of time for extended solos and instrumental sections, which all evoke the same vibe while still avoiding any dragging or excessive self-indulgence.

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