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Alan Aguero – Adventure Of A Lifetime (Coldplay Cover)

Newcomer Alan Aguero is name you’ll be hearing a lot more of in the coming months. The young gun takes Coldplay’s infectious hit “Adventure Of A Lifetime” and turns it into a fluttering arrangement of catchy vocal stutters and bouncy synthwork. It’s a unique take on an already indomitable hit, one that revitalizes Chris Martin’s vocals for a dancefloor friendly output. We sat down with the exciting new talent to discuss his start, his present, and his future in the electronic music industry.

Q: You’ve been dubbed the Latin Martin Garrix. Do you think this is a blessing or a curse?

A: Well a bit of both. It’s a blessing because I do think Martin Garrix is a very talented producer and has accomplished amazing things over the past few years that Dj/Producers dream of so to be compared to him I think it’s great but I see it as a curse as well. I don’t really want people comparing me to others, I want to be known as Alan Aguero not really a “Latin Martin Garrix”

Q: How would you best describe your sound?

A: I don’t consider myself having a sound yet, I’m still in the process of exploring & experimenting different sounds. There are a few sounds that i do like to use often in my productions but nothing that you’d hear and be like oh this sounds like an Alan Aguero track. Well not yet.

Q: Do you find that your Latin heritage has an influence on your writing? Why or why not?

A: Yes of course, growing up in a latin household my ears were a custom to latin music. I’d wake up every saturday & sunday to Latin music being played loudly in the living room, I still do! I can’t explain the effect it has on me

Q: Do you find that having friends like Ingrosso and Axwell helps your career and if so, how? If not, why?

A: Being able to watch & experience the lifestyle of Axwell & Ingrosso is pretty incredible. It does help because you do learn a lot. You learn a lot from just watching what goes on behind the scenes at shows, how they deal with certain situations. What to do and what not to do. It’s like a preparation into what I’ll be headed for in the near future.

Q: You’ve give us a version of Coldplay’s Adventure of a Lifetime, but that’s not Chris Martin singing. Tell us about the track and how you produced it.

A: This one singer i know sent me an acapella of him singing “Adventure Of A Lifetime” and it sounded amazing. I thought to myself this would be a cool project to work on even though i’m not to fond with working on remakes of songs but I’ll give it a shot. I made sure not to use anything that was in the original track. My goal was to make it sound completely different and that’s what i did.

Q: If you were headlining, who would you envision opening and closing the show with you and why?

A: This is a tough one, I don’t think I can answer this one yet

Q: We hear you can play anything on the piano by just hearing it. What is your training in music and how did you decide to pursue dance music?

A: I wouldn’t say anything, I still have trouble getting the hang of playing certain sequences but I know i’ll eventually get to the level where I can play “Anything”.
I don’t have any training in music, everything that you see or hear from me is self taught. However i did take music class in high school but failed and was told to never pursue music in the future. (I showed him). I was actually introduced to dance music by my best friend when I was about 13 which i actually hated at the time but i ended up loving the genre quickly and figured out that there are programs you could use to make this kind of music so I decided to learn.

Q: What is on your horizon for 2016?

A: Staying focused on my goals, working hard making sure that i continue to make music that not only i will like but that the people will as well.