Amtrac releases new two-track EP ‘Running After/No Order’Amtrac RunningAfterNoOrder

Amtrac releases new two-track EP ‘Running After/No Order’

Amtrac has been steadily productive in 2016, providing a remix of Nero’s “Into the Night” while also refocusing on original productions with the release of his Lost in Motion EP in January. Now the Kentucky-born, LA-based producer returns with a moody, two-track EP titled Running After/No Order via Kidnap Kid‘s label Birds That Fly.

Both of the EP’s tracks clock in at close to six-minutes long, allowing Amtrac to pursue a slow-burn approach to building tension and introduce new elements to keep listeners engaged. With a stated intent to write an EP that “translated well on the dance floor and at home,” the EP’s A-side “Running After” provides the more club-ready offering. The song, which features a vocal hook, alternating guitar lines, and buzzing basses over a pulsating, locomotive four-on-the-floor kick drum, makes for another strong addition to the producer’s deep house oeuvre.

The EP’s B-side “No Order” is a darker, more melancholic affair. Interestingly, it opens fairly sweetly, with gentle chord patches and tremendous reverb. However, this quickly gives way to hazy, rumbling basses — very little of Amtrac’s sound design has hard, well-defined edges, giving the whole EP a mysterious atmosphere. Pensive synth notes linger in over the percussion as the basses continue to percolate underneath. The track curves again with the introduction of flitting arpeggios that add a brief respite of lightness to an otherwise ominous production.

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