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Ashley Wallbridge opens up about ghost producing: ‘I’ve made 10 Beatport #1 records’

Ghost producing has come back under public scrutiny in the past year with allegations surfacing in a variety of genres. From the highly publicized allegations against Drake and collaborator Quentin Miller to those producers for artists in our own sonic backyard.

Many high profile artists have been outspoken against the trend, but it’s hard to envision any real abatement as the pressure for top tracks is still sky high.

Enter Ashley Wallbridge. The former ghost producer released a short, homemade twitter video detailing his rather unbelievable saga.

The video begins with a short introduction, before Wallbridge makes a staggering claim: “I’ve made 10 Beatport #1 records… all for other DJs!” The producer goes on to clarify the shadowy back end of the process, saying he was required to sign nondisclosure contracts regarding his involvement. Any efforts to publicize his hand in those tracks runs him the risk of being sued.

Though Wallbridge claims the process made him happy for a while, he no longer finds it to be fulfilling. Instead, the video also serves as a minimix for the new spate of music he will release under his own name.

Says Wallbridge of the tracks: “Maybe they wont make as much money as if I sold them… but I don’t care. I want the world to know the music I love, and the music I make… so people can get to know me as a real person, not a ghost.”

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