Bassnectar is throwing a 10,000 person warehouse rave in AtlantaBass

Bassnectar is throwing a 10,000 person warehouse rave in Atlanta

On September 9 and 10, Bassnectar will touch down in Atlanta for two back-to-back performances. The newly unveiled venue is a plain, unadorned space large enough to fit 10,000 fans, devoid of confetti blasters, go-go dancers, fog-blasting robots and schizophrenic LED panels. In other words, the perfect kind of place to host a rave where the music takes center stage.

In order to keep the experience as authentic to the old school rave days as possible, Bassnectar didn’t release the location for the shows until very recently. In an interview with Billboard, he recalled his own first experience attending a rave: “I had no idea where it was or what it was going to be like,” he said. “A kid from school found the directions last minute…it was like a treasure hunt. When we got out of the car, you could hear the bass booming in the distance. We just followed the bass until we found ourselves at the doorway to a building.”

Like his first rave, Bassnectar plans on recreating the same creative, exploratory, “social free-for-all” experience he remembers. Rather than building an environment that begs fans to whip out their phones and try to capture the moment, he plans on create a space that encourages party-goers to live in the moment and share it with fellow-fans in real time.

The show will feature a space called The Haven geared toward paying homage to the pillow-bedecked ‘chill-out’ rooms frequently offered at old school raves, where guests were encouraged to take a break from the madness and unwind with some ambient music, snacks and refreshments.

And while the main arena will feature a plethora of laser and visual stimuli, they’ll be spread out around the venue to engage fans at all corners of the space.

Tickets for both events are sold out, but if you weren’t one of the lucky fans able to snag some, fear not — Bassnectar is working on bringing the show out west as well: “We are always daydreaming up new ideas, and our team is busy working on more events like this,” he says. “(We’re) currently scouring the West Coast for potential venues.”

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