Beatport to finally revamp its approach to genre categorizationBeatport

Beatport to finally revamp its approach to genre categorization

Over the last decade-and-a half, an entirely new set of genres has developed beneath the electronic music umbrella. Following the restructuring of its parent company, SFX, and a potential sale of Beatport, the site dropped some of its newer features in order to allocate resources to its core business: helping people discover and acquire great new music. In doing so, it has somewhat bounced back from the brink. The music store’s latest endeavor is dedicated to updating its genre classification system to keep up with the changing times.

The so-called “home of electronic music” has put together a committee consisting of key DJs from some of the main labels that release on the platform. This committee will give feedback on the proposed changes in an effort to suit the tastes of consumers.

Beatport is currently focusing more intently on the classifications of the new sub-genres of house, such as future house or big room, though the committee will be reviewing the genres every six months in an effort to follow more closely with trends.

Additionally, the site has another valuable source of information regarding the “will of the people.” Beatport Pro users now have the ability to tag tracks according to how they they should be classified. By crowdsourcing this data, the platform will help DJs and listeners find tracks with greater ease.

Beatport’s VP of Marketing, Terry Weerasinghe, says that the new genres should be implemented by the end of August.

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