Above & Beyond have officially remixed Moby’s ‘Porcelain’Anb3 1

Above & Beyond have officially remixed Moby’s ‘Porcelain’

In 1999, Moby released his groundbreaking downtempo album Play. A drastic change of pace from his previous work — which included iconic rave anthems like “Go” and “Feeling So Real” — it cemented Moby’s legacy for years to come. The standout track from the release was “Porcelain” (which consequently became the name of Moby’s memoir), a nostalgic trip hop track that has more than stood the test of time.

The latest evidence to support the track’s enduring legacy is an official remix from trance legends Above & Beyond. First teased at EDC back in June, the venerated trio have laid down a stadium-sized take on the rave classic. The track’s structure is almost more akin to a bootleg, with the original break appearing in almost unadulterated form before Above & Beyond pick up the tempo with a momentous build up and drop.

In addition to Above & Beyond’s version, Arty has provided his take on “Porcelain,” offering a glitch hop remix with added vocal chops. In a similar vein to A&B’s rendition, Arty’s take on the classic seems more like a bootleg with elements added underneath.

While neither remixes are groundbreaking in any sense, they do serve to bring “Porcelain” back into rotation (while introducing it to newer audiences), which is never a bad thing.

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