Cashmere Cat and The Weeknd hit the studioCashmerecat Weeknd

Cashmere Cat and The Weeknd hit the studio

After producing “Friends” for Francis and the Lights with Kanye West and Bon Iver, it appears that Cashmere Cat, née Magnus August Høiberg, has lined up The Weeknd as his newest collaborator. Høiberg has earned production credits for work with artists like Ariana Grande and Britney Spears, recently revealing that his debut album was underway and dubbing it “the best music” he’s ever done.

The two artists were photographed together in the studio, with the picture shared to their respective social media accounts. While Cashmere Cat opted for an “xo” caption on Instagram, The Weeknd posted his with an emoji of a cat.

It’s no surprise that both artists, who are mysterious individuals to begin with, are keeping mum about working together, yet it’s entirely possible that the result of their collaboration will appear on Høiberg’s forthcoming album.


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