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The Chainsmokers want to collaborate with Future

The Chainsmokers are settling into their second week atop Billboard‘s Hot 100 chart with their first #1 hit, “Closer.” On Sunday, August 28, Halsey and Drew Taggart sang their duet live at MTV’s VMAs, with Alex Pall manning the decks. After commenting on Kanye West’s “meme-ability” and the sensation of reaching the top of the Hot 100 in a brief interview with Billboard on the event’s red carpet, the duo discussed their desire to collaborate with Future.

“I want to get super turnt up tonight with Future and end up in the studio,” Pall said. “I don’t know if that’s how it works but that would be such a sick way, like, ‘yo, we’re going to Vegas tomorrow, get on the jet.’ I want to get some street cred.”

Via: Billboard

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