Chilly Gonzales deconstructs Daft Punk for debut Beats 1 showDaftpunk

Chilly Gonzales deconstructs Daft Punk for debut Beats 1 show

“I didn’t believe that music made by machines was equal to playing music on a piano,” famed instrumentalist Chilly Gonzales confessed regarding his perspective of electronic music during his debut Beats 1 episode, Music’s Cool. When Daft Punk came along, however, his mind swiftly changed as he realized that “this music could be conceptual and playful…almost a modern equivalent of punk rock.”

The French robot duo were a natural pick in leading his new series, which aims to educate listeners on how older tropes in music come together to create popular contemporary hits. Gonzales opens the episode with Daft Punk’s classic hit, “Rolling And Scratching.”

He proceeds to elaborate on some interesting points about their music’s historical connections, using the likes of Kraftwerk, Queen, and his own compositions to back his words and even inviting Tiga and Boys Noize to share their knowledge of the subject at hand later on in the episode. One example, for instance, involved a part of Daft Punk’s timelessness stemming from their M.O. of “making fun the priority.” He connects this idea to Chic’s 1979 hit “Good Times.”

Music’s Cool will occur monthly on Beats 1 until the end of 2016, with the next two episodes centering around Weezer and Drake. Listen to the rest of the Daft Punk episode below.

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