DA Premiere: Tiga – Blondes Have More Fun (Jonas Rathsman Remix)Tiga BHMF Jonas Rathsman Remi

DA Premiere: Tiga – Blondes Have More Fun (Jonas Rathsman Remix)

Canadian DJ and producer Tiga, a pioneer of the underground dance music scene in Montreal, released his third studio album No Fantasy Required earlier this year, a full seven years after the previous one.

Now Jonas Rathsman has been entrusted with official remix duties. The Swedish producer lends his personal touch to the last track on the album, “Blondes Have More Fun.” As one of the more somber and serious pieces on the album, which is surprising given its name, this track fits perfectly with Rathsman’s style.

Jonas injects a more conventional beat into the track that works together with arpeggiated, staccato synths to bring a greater consistency to the composition. Whereas the original holds the vocals at the very forefront, on top of more subtle layers of synths and samples, Rathsman puts the vocals into the middle of the mix, letting the other layers take prominence.

Tiga has also unveiled the third installment of his No Fantasy Required documentary series. View it here.

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