Dancing Astronaut presents AXIS 179: Mixed by MachinedrumMachinedrum AISImg

Dancing Astronaut presents AXIS 179: Mixed by Machinedrum

With a career that is barreling towards its third decade, Machinedrum has had ample time to evolve while maintaining his diverse, idiosyncratic sound. Originally from North Carolina, though now based in Los Angeles, the producer has provided a wide-ranging mix for the 179th edition of our AXIS mix series.

The mix is a good primer for those who are unfamiliar with Machinedrum’s work and concludes with his latest single “Angel Speak,” a collaboration with MeLo-X. This marks his first release under the Machinedrum moniker since his album Vapor City three years ago and provides a glimpse at his upcoming live tour, featuring a stop at Miami’s III Points festival.

As for how he approached this mix, Machinedrum had this to say: “This mix is my attempt at bridging the gap between the sonic world I created with Vapor City and the future of Machinedrum’s sound.  There’s loads of unreleased music, some of it will probably never get released.  I hope you enjoy!”

01 Machinedrum – We Got Time
02 Machinedrum – Apt 3A (Feat. Kevin Hussein)
03 Machinedrum – WHITE LABEL*
04 Machinedrum – Lydian Soca
05 Schlachthofbronx – Pump Drop Wine (Feat. Warrior Queen)
06 Eprom – Yeah
07 Sophie & Jimmy Edgar – Burn Rubber
08 Machinedrum – WHITE LABEL*
09 Machinedrum – WHITE LABEL*
10 Machinedrum – Golden Light
11 Machinedrum – Take Flight (FVLCRVM Remix)
12 Obenewa – Heart Game (Prod. Machinedrum)
13 Machinedrum – Crossed
14 Beat Spacek – Iif U Wan T Find Me
15 Redeyes, Calculon Teknian & Zero Zero – Bustin Loose
16 Sinistarr – Shake (Feat. DJ Nasty)
17 Poirier & Machinedrum – Kypoli (Moresounds Remix)
18 Machinedrum – The Present
19 Alix Perez & Skeptical – Elephant Dreams
20 Machinedrum – Autumn Drive
21 Machinedrum – Halber Junge
22 Dub Phizix – Dun Dem
23 Machinedrum – Dos Puertas
24 Machinedrum – Gangsta Girl
25 Machinedrum – Believe In U
26 SK Simeon – Doper Than Dope (Machinedrum Remix)
27 Machinedrum – Angel Speak (Feat. MeLo-X)

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