Listen to deadmau5’s new 10-minute progressive house masterpiece ‘Saved’Deadmau5head

Listen to deadmau5’s new 10-minute progressive house masterpiece ‘Saved’

In the midst of prepping his forthcoming album — which is reportedly almost finished — deadmau5 has blessed fans with an official release. Though “Saved” was teased earlier this year via an impromptu SoundCloud demo upload, it will officially be available on mau5trap‘s forthcoming We Are Friends Vol. 5 compilation album alongside offerings from Rezz, ATTLAS, Matt Lange, and more.

“Saved” is a return to deadmau5’s classic progressive house sensibilities. In fine form, the producer weaves dreamy synth arpeggios around a driving kick. It’s a 9 minute narrative that seems to draw from the DJ’s recent joint live efforts with prog legend Eric Prydz. With such stellar development and a commanding climax, “Saved” is one of the most exciting deadmau5 singles in recent memory.

The full mau5trap compilation will be available in full August 12. Check the full tracklist below:

  1. deadmau5 – “Saved”
  2. ATTLAS – “Crawl”
  3. BlackGummy – NeverDeader
  4. Dom Kane – “Running Out”
  5. Draft – “Arara”
  6. Enzo Benett – “Naga”
  7. “Hell Is Other People” (Matt Lange Remix)
  8. Monstergetdown – “Brainworms”
  9. No Mana – “Someone To Write About”
  10. NEUS – “I Need You”
  11. Oliver Winters – “Walking Heavy”
  12. REZZ – “Voice In The Wall”

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