Duke Dumont teams with Defected on final ‘For Club Play Only’ EPDuke Dumont Bhwm

Duke Dumont teams with Defected on final ‘For Club Play Only’ EP

Duke Dumont has finally unveiled the highly anticipated final chapter in his For Club Play Only EP series. Earlier tracks from the four year effort include hot takes like underground favorites “Street Walker,” “Slow Dance,” and crossover club hit “The Giver.”

The final edition contains two track.”Be Here” features a UK Garage-leaning soul vocal over a classic 4/4 beat, saxophones, and a brassy bassline. A funky baritone synth melody in the middle and Dumont’s clean production keep this offering from sounding formulaic. Instead, “Be Here” is a fresh summer rooftop Jam.

The EP also features the delicious B-side, “Worship” which is more suitable for peak hour play at a pitch black club. The slow moving song has a physically commanding rubbery, baritone bass melody and a driving kick. Though classified as “Deep House” on Beatport, the track is more experimental than that and seems to channel the old school synth programming of 80s club tracks.

While the former track taps into the vintage sound that made Dumont a household name, the latter is a reminder of the chops that have made him a deeply respected underground DJ.

Oddly, though the British producer has released the first three editions via Tiga‘s Turbo Recordings and since started his own label, Part 4 has arrived on Defected Records. Copy from previous releases described the For Club Play serial as a “series on Turbo.” No official rhetoric has been issued regarding the change.

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