Everything wrong with Skrillex and Rick Ross’s ‘Purple Lamborghini’Skrille Rick Ross Lamborgini Music Video

Everything wrong with Skrillex and Rick Ross’s ‘Purple Lamborghini’

Skrillex and Rick Ross joined forces earlier this year to pen the Suicide Squad piece “Purple Lambhorgini.” The single consisted of Rick Ross’s money-centric lyricism, paired with slight Joker references (such as Gotham City), and set to a Sonny Moore-manufactured beat, pumped with fierce bass drops and horn samples to boost the dramatic lyrics put forth by Ross.

The piece fell upon an audience as critical as the one reviewing Suicide Squad, with many commenting in particular about the monotonous subject matter and slightly confusing accompanying video. As a result, the popular YouTube channel “Music Video Sins” decided to bundle up everyone’s criticisms into a neat and comedic bundle of “sins” committed by both the song’s composers and video directors.

Watch the video above as the commentator counts out 37 sins in total, spanning from the fact that a purple Lambhorgini is not actually present throughout the film all the way to Jared Leto’s odd role as the Joker throughout.

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