Feed Me releases video for ‘What It Feels Like’FeedMe WhatItFeelsLikeVideo

Feed Me releases video for ‘What It Feels Like’

With the revival of his drum and bass alterego Spor and the release of his latest EP as Feed Me, the eight-track Family Reunionthe producer born Jon Gooch has had a productive 2016. This is all in addition to his duties as head of his label Sotto Voce, though the man behind the iconic goblin isn’t intent to slow down and has released the official music video for Family Reunion‘s “What It Feels Like.”

A collaboration with vocalist Nina Nesbitt, the video features her and Feed Me’s green mascot in a faux-infomercial, hawking wares such as “easy to use” glowsticks, holographic glasses, and “ravey shades.” It’s all very tongue-in-cheek, which should be unsurprising to Feed Me’s fans. The producer is known to select and manipulate humurous vocal samples as leads in for his tracks and, if that weren’t enough, there is always the bonkers video for his latest collaboration with Kill The Noise, “I Do Coke.”

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