III Points brings local artists to light with debut compilation EP, Swerving Serpents Vol.1Bored Games Nick Leon POORGRRRL

III Points brings local artists to light with debut compilation EP, Swerving Serpents Vol.1

Since its inception, III Points has aimed to serve not only as a destination in Miami for cutting-edge music & tech, but also to elevate the city’s underground music scene. Part of their efforts in doing so for the 2016 edition lie in their newest venture alongside Little Haiti company 10k Islands: Swerving Serpents Vol. 1, a compilation EP whose first edition will slowly reveal itself to the public throughout September leading up to the festival.

The concept is simple: choose nine up-and-coming local artists defying the status quo and pair them together in a top-notch recording studio for 2 days with “a bag of weed, a box of pizza and total creative freedom.” What results is experimental, yet well-crafted tracks that put forth the palpable energy sparked by their creative chemistries coming together.

“Bored Games” marks the first of four works to be included on Swerving Serpents Vol.1, a low-end experimental number by Nick León and POORGRRRL. It traverses a winding path through distant melodies and relaxed vocals that are given density by heavy bass. The slow-burning track is best suited for casual listening, demonstrating the best of Miami’s hidden, underground talent.

Originals from Twelve’len x Twelve Tales, Austin Paul x SNDNGCHLLZ x Byrdipop and Deaf Poets x Virgo will be released in the coming weeks, which will be released via III Points’ SoundCloud.

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