Kehlani – Gangsta (Vincent Flip)Gangsta Vincent

Kehlani – Gangsta (Vincent Flip)

From Winnipeg to Los Angeles, Robert Hughes (best known as Vincent) has cemented himself among the more coveted active producers in trap. Always one to keep his studio work close to his chest — releasing music carefully and on rare special occasions — Vincent surprises fans with a spontaneous offering, dropping his remix of Kehlani’s “Gangsta” to complete fanfare.

Where Vincent’s trademark original productions come suited with his instantly recognizable horn arrangements, his newest remix embraces the aesthetic of the original record with a more future bass composition that allows his signature synths to shine.

On the soundtrack staple from this summer’s Suicide Squad blockbuster, Vincent finds the perfect balance on “Gangsta” to achieve a remix which remains in Kehlani’s edgy, R&B territory while leaving his fingerprints throughout the rendition.

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