Listen to Lane 8’s remix of deadmau5’s ‘Strobe’Lane 8 Launches This Never Happened

Listen to Lane 8’s remix of deadmau5’s ‘Strobe’

The cryptic nature through which deadmau5 has gone about marketing mau5trap 100 — the EP which will mark his label’s 100th release — has evoked substantial anticipation among his own fanbase and the followings from each artist involved with the project. Fans have widely deduced that the EP will be a remix package of Joel Zimmerman’s classic, “Strobe.” Zimmerman’s camp seems to have substantiated this suspicion by posting a picture (provided below) of a folder containing “Strobe” remixes to the mau5trap Facebook page.

The folder includes remixes from Feed Me, Com Truise, Dimension, Lane 8, ATTLAS, and deadmau5 himself – most of whom were known be involved with the release a priori. Though mau5trap 100 still lacks a public release date, the recent influx of information about the EP suggests that its release is impending. Furthermore, the project’s remixers have begun teasing their spins on “Strobe.”

On August 19, a video surfaced of Feed Me playing his remix during a DJ set. Now, Lane 8 has given his followers a taste of what he has in store by posting a video of his Ableton project to his Facebook page. Lane 8’s preview indicates that his remix follows a similar trajectory to deadmau5’s original, though it’s a less solemn take on the idea; his production transfers Zimmerman’s melodies into brighter synths, laid atop steady percussion. After the producer’s buoyant revision of the piece’s build, he transitions into a minimalistic drop, recapitulating the leading melody.

Lane 8’s preview notes that the remix will be coming soon, so fervent fans may not have to wait much longer. The acute difference between Lane 8 and Feed Me’s interpretations of “Strobe” indicate that the EP will include complex stylistic diversity.

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