Listen to deadmau5’s unofficial remix of the ‘Stranger Things’ theme in fullDeadmau5 Led Helmet 2

Listen to deadmau5’s unofficial remix of the ‘Stranger Things’ theme in full

Netflix’s new original series Stranger Things has catalyzed an ’80s synth wave revival. The latest artist to get swept up in the craze was none other than deadmau5, who spent 3 hours recreating the main theme from Stranger Things earlier this month.

What started as a diligent attempt to replicate the iconic intro turned into Zimmerman jamming on the theme with his diverse collection of analog gear. His improvised rendition eventually transformed into his own unofficial remix, complete with his own drums and synth lines. While the melodic motifs are the same, Zimmerman lays down a catchy trip hop foundation — similar to recent tracks from the producer like “Snowcone” and “Whelk Then.” The version further features an expanded arpeggio line, taking the original riff and manipulating it over time.

One devoted fan has now extracted the remix from deadmau5’s original broadcast and shared it on YouTube. Bear in mind, as the remix was essentially created on the spot, it thus features a few timing and arrangement imperfections. If deadmau5 were to finish it, however — and who’s to say he hasn’t already — the unofficial remix would undoubtedly make for a stirring addition to his live show.